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My name is Mary and I am a passionate member of the vegan community. I am not a professional and the advice you receive should always be taken with a pinch of salt. I am not a qualified doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, veterinarian, dietician or zoologist. I am simply a vegan woman, wanting to give something back to the vegan community.

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Kshamenk was captured from his ocean home 19th September 1992. His captors claimed they were rescuing him when in fact they had forced him to strand along with two other orcas. He was then taken to Mundo Marino in Argentina where he resides to this day. He has not seen his own species in over a decade and spends his days in total isolation displaying distress and frustration. Kshamenk is also an Argentinian orca. This means that rather than feed on fish, in the wild he will have fed on small mammals such as seals, penguins and even porpoises. But in his concrete prison cell, he only has access to the dead fish provided for him when he performs his daily circus shows.

Kshamenk is a perfect candidate for release as he was around 6 years old when he was caught meaning he will have had lots of experience hunting and learning the ways of the wild. He also has not bonded with humans at all and can not stand human interaction. He is aggressive, sexually frustrated and shows signs of depression and boredom day in day out. Please sign this petition so that I can send a copy over to the president of Argentina and together, we can get this poor boy home!

On the 8th July 2013 at 9pm EDT, there will be a tweetstorm for Kshamenk to raise awareness of his endless suffering. Just tweet #orcakshamenk on twitter and share his pitiful story.

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    Kshamenk was captured from his ocean home 19th September 1992. His captors claimed they were rescuing him when in fact...
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