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My name is Mary and I am a passionate member of the vegan community. I am not a professional and the advice you receive should always be taken with a pinch of salt. I am not a qualified doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, veterinarian, dietician or zoologist. I am simply a vegan woman, wanting to give something back to the vegan community.

I also have a fantastic co admin called Connie who you can follow here, who sometimes answers your asks.


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Anonymous : My sister works in the Starbucks USA and they always take part in charity races , and make each store do community service. I think they are better than most company because most don't do that.. ?

My issue with them is mostly related to my local Starbucks but that’s lovely that they make the effort. :)

Anonymous : There are actual fox breeders that have domesticated foxes. But they still have their natural high energy and highly destructive nature, so most owners don't treat them well. PLEASE RESEARCH A TON if you want a pet fox. They also require a license.

PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM BREEDERS EVER. There is NO such thing as a responsible breeder. Please, please do not ever purchase a companion fox. 

Anonymous : Do you think it's bad for people to eat honey? What exactly goes down that makes it wrong? I consider myself a "crueltyfree" vegan because I occasionally eat honey and use eggs from my own chickens when I bake stuff. Is that bad?

You’re not going to like my answer but I am not one to tell lies. Yes, I do think it’s bad for people to eat honey. The honey industry is just as sick and inhumane as every other exploitive animal industry. I talk a lot about this in my FAQ- Why isn’t honey vegan?

Why not scramble your eggs and feed them back to your lovely hens? They’ll go nuts for it, I promise. Include the shell and mix it all up with their feed for a treat. 

As for any spare eggs, how about donating them to a food bank? They’re ALWAYS in need of food. 

I hope you didn’t feel as though I was judging you. I respect how hard you’re trying and am proud of you for transitioning. :) Stay informed darling! 

Anonymous : what soda is vegan?

With such a general question, it’s a little difficult for me to answer. I can, however, tell you that most soda is vegan. All you have to do is a little research into the company who makes them and contact them if necessary, if unsure. If you have a specific list of sodas you’d like to know about, I will gladly check those out for you. I darn’t give you PETA’s accidentally vegan beverage list as they do not seem to include such things as lanolin, shellac, cochineal and other by products. 

Anonymous : Any cheap cruelty free , vegan makeups?

Tons! :) Just ask veganmakeup and check out their List of cruelty free cosmetics. If you’re in the UK, I recommend Barry M (note, not everything is vegan) and if you’re in the US, I recommend E.L.F. :)

Anonymous : Hello Mary! :). I was wondering if you had any information on why companies test on animals if they have already tested soooo many things on them. Don't they know what works, and what doesn't? (I hope this is making sense haha) The damage is done now but they should know for the future, yet they continue testing anyway! Poor souls ;(

Hi gorgeous! :) I totally understand what you’re asking. The answer is- it’s to cover their backs. They have to keep on and on re testing so that no consumers can turn around and sue them for getting ill from a product. In other words, it’s all about the money. Poor souls indeed. 

Anonymous : I accidentally ate a candy that i just found out has milk in it... I feel really crappy :/

Don’t feel crappy. It was an accident and accidents happen. I just found out the other day that a drink my co admin and I have both consumed as of late contains FISH disgustingly enough. Don’t beat yourself up. It happens to the best of us. 

Anonymous : I have had a lot of mucus in my throat the past 2 weeks, it's affecting me when I run for sports, know any home remedies/natural vegan remedies to help?

Here are a ton of tips for you! :) Obviously a fair few of those are non applicable (replace honey with agave for example) but the vast majority is very useful. Feel better soon sweetie. 

Anonymous : FUCK I just read the last ask you answered and I gave my adress to several petition site, how do I remove it?

Please don’t panic! I have done it numerous times. These companies, I’m sure, are billionaires because of all the personal information I have unintentionally shared before I found out the truth. I recommend removing any accounts you have with petitions sites, creating a new one and giving as little information as possible. One of my followers suggested simply writing ‘Non Applicable’ in the address box. If it requires a zip/postal code, there must be a fake one you can find on the internet! 

wonderxless : Whenever the slightest thing is physically wrong with me, I get told, "you should eat some meat!" By my mother and a few other people. It pisses me off because they say it to anything- even if I'm just tired. I feel like they disrespect my beliefs even though I don't ever disrespect theirs. How should I combat this? There's also people that just straight up make fun of me for not eating meat and always meanly ask me why even though I don't voice it to the whole world..

You should talk to them. If you’re having issues, honesty is always best. If you are not one for confrontation, perhaps consider writing them a letter! I can almost promise it will make a difference. Sometimes these people are just oblivious to how much they hurt us.

I had a similar issue with my grandma. She’d ALWAYS say to me I don’t eat enough of ‘this’ or ‘that’ because I’m vegan and in the end, I sat down and asked her very politely why she did it and told her how much it hurt and offended me. She immediately apologised (something my stubborn grandmother NEVER does) and hasn’t even brought it up since. In fact, she’s taking me to a vegan cafe on Tuesday to celebrate my birthday! :)