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My name is Mary and I am a passionate member of the vegan community. I am not a professional and the advice you receive should always be taken with a pinch of salt. I am not a qualified doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, veterinarian, dietician or zoologist. I am simply a vegan woman, wanting to give something back to the vegan community.

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Anonymous : hey ya'll i'm the queer anon who gets hurt and mostly pissed off when ppl use the term "coming out" as vegan... well to the anon who said i shouldn't be offended by that - are you queer? bc if not then u really don't have a say in this aye

Come on guys, let’s not argue. This is silly! As long as we’re all fighting the good fight and helping to protect our fellow earthlings then we’re all doing the right thing. :)

Anonymous : I became vegan for ethical reasons but was hoping to lose some weight any tips on how to go about that?

It’s in my FAQs ;) I want to lose weight as a vegan, how can I do this?

Anonymous : the use of the term "coming out as vegan" makes it sound like vegans are an opressed group. vegans aren't opressed while lgbtqai++++ ppl like myself totally are an opressed group

Thanks for your input. :) 

Anonymous : How is vegetarianism not unethical? It's responsible for millions of deaths as well?

Vegetarianism is a stepping stone and all stepping stones should be praised. I do not agree with vegetarianism long term but for people who are unable to go vegan, it’s a start. 

Anonymous : As Halloween's coming up, any good vegan candied you recommend?

Check out this post! :D

Anonymous : I got my mom and brother to watch earthlings and they both are still full on meat eaters. My brother even laughed

Wow. I’m literally gobsmacked and devastated to hear that.

Anonymous : Words are subjective. Just like art and many other things. It's important to know that we give words their meaning and that words are not always used in the same way. To me, it's very clear that you do not intend to cause harm to minorities in any way, shape, or form. You do not spread hate and it doesn't seem like you belittle new comers. It should be apparent to your followers that there are no negative or secret connotations in your words, and that while you are here to help vegans,

Thank you so much gorgeous, this means a lot!

Anonymous : you are also not here to downgrade fellow humans. I wish that some of your followers would rationally think about their attachments to words/phrases WITH who you are as a person and then work out if you actually meant it in the way they first believed. I get it. Everybody jumps to conclusions at some point. Situations like this could be handled differently. If you take the time to evaluate the variables, you can work out if your impulse was right or wrong. It's okay to be wrong sometimes.

I know what you mean. I think sometimes things need to be thought through a little more. :)

Anonymous : huge fan from japan...we love your blog! do you have shop?

Thank you so much gorgeous! It’s awesome to know I have friends in Japan. :) I don’t have a shop, no.